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Bathtub Basketball Hoop And 3 Ball Children Baby Shower Toy Gift Set

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Bathtub Basketball Hoop And 3 Ball Children's Baby Shower Toy Gift Set


A great gift - kids and toddlers love this fun bath basketball toy and will love you; from a beautiful box, a gift you can be proud of
Powerful suction cup: With a powerful suction cup, it won't lose grip even in wet conditions, it can stick to those flat and smooth surfaces
Enjoy fun and education at the same time: Your child will have a lot of fun playing this bathing activity. Without realizing, they will also develop their hand-eye coordination skills, motor skills, shooting skills and precision!
Product parameters:

Product color: blue, purple
Packing size: 17.5x41.5x7cm/6.8x16.3x2.7in
Product weight: 550 grams
The product contains:

1x ball frame
3x ball