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10Pcs Childrens Wooden Percussion Instruments Promote Early Education

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10Pcs Children's Wooden Percussion Instruments Promote Early Education


  • This children's musical kit contains everything your little one needs to discover the inner musician. This set of 10 music toys will help boys and girls learn the sounds and tones of different instruments and release their musical creativity!

  • Fun and Education - Numerous studies have shown that music helps children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as higher intelligence and stronger emotional understanding. Your child will learn to express themselves creatively because they like to use these fun and exciting toys for hours and hours of imaginative games.

  • Family time - Use these musical toys to let your family spend more time together. Your child, no matter how old (this toy set is good for preschoolers), will like the time of the family band, because you will create wonderful music. We are committed to creating high quality toys, improving family time and motivating family members. When you play music together, you will be amazed at the smiles and laughter you create.

  • 100% safe - these instruments are not only fun for children, but also safe. They are non-toxic, child-safe, made of wood and other safe materials. The high quality structure has a smooth, safe surface. You can rely on these instruments to provide music for hours, weeks, months, and years! Your child will definitely say thank you for this great gift!

  • Free storage backpack - All instruments are suitable for the cool backpack your child likes to use. Now they can carry their instruments, including drums and triangles, as well as cycling or vacationing. Free backpacks provide convenient storage space.


  • Product Size:27x8x23/10.63x3.15x9.05in

  • product weight:950g/2.09lb


  • 1x music set