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9Pcs/set Planet Stickers Solar System Planets Wall Stickers Wall Decal Home Living Room Kids Room Baby Nursery Decorations

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- Name: 9 pcs Stickers
- Model: 876550
- Material: PVC
- Color: Colorful
- Type: 9# Planets

Finish size on wall:
- Sun: 30*30cm
- Jupiter: 28*28cm
- Saturn: 30*30cm
- Uranus: 20*20cm
- Neptune: 20*20cm
- Earth: 17*17cm
- Venus: 12*12cm
- Mars: 12*12cm
- Mercury: 10*10cm

Application: Unique luminous wall decoration for bedrooms, living rooms, studies and so on

- This product needs to absorb light in daytime,then it will glow automatically in the darkness. Applies on walls(and dry ,smooth,dust free surface)

Package includes:

- 9 x Stickers